Our Story

Hello! I'm Louise. 
I'm a teacher-mom that supplements my children's education with interactive learning activities they enjoy.

When the pandemic hit, I saw tons of teachers and parents trying to figure it all out. It was at that moment that I started to share things I was doing with my little ones at home. I received so much positive feedback - hence Eason Learning Academy (ELA) was born.

ELA is a resource for families as well as teachers who wish to engage tiny scholars with interactive learning activities that are fun, educational and help little ones develop a love for learning. Join us as we share tips and resources that help to make learning a little more fun.

I hold a bachelor’s degree in English and a master's degree in Urban Education. In addition to Eason Learning Academy, I work a full-time job as an academic counselor in Brooklyn, NY. I am also the wife of a supportive husband and the mother of four children who are the driving force behind all I do in life.

Thanks for your support.

Louise Eason
Email: easonlearningacademy@gmail.com