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ELA is a resource for adults who wish to engage tiny scholars with interactive learning activities that are fun, educational and help them develop a love for learning. Join us as we share tips and resources that help to make learning a little more fun.

Fall Learning Activity Checklist

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Letter Tracing & Activity Workbook

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Letter Tracing and Activity Workbook

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Oh my God! She loves this book! This is amazing! Can you make a book for 4th graders?

L. Jackson

The versatility and customization of the pages made it interesting and challenging for my preschooler and me! ...Highly recommend to all parents and educators looking for a creative and fun way to reinforce early childhood skills.

C. Ballard

Each page was beautifully made and my children were so excited that it was tailor-made for them.

T. Moore

"Learning should always be interactive." - Ms. Eason