Preschool Interactive Learning Tools you Probably Already Have at Home

When it comes to interactive learning you don't need fancy tools to get started; chances are, you probably have everything you need at home. 

One of the easiest accessible tools for interactive learning is crayons. Kids love them and there are so many things you can do with them. For starters, coloring/drawing is a creative outlet for kids; they can make anything come to life. But, outside of just coloring, you can use crayons for color sorting games, for measuring items and even for counting.

Music is a tool that most people overlook, but it's so much fun. Simple games like freeze dance are great for reinforcing listening skills, gross motor development and understanding rules. You can use music to teach history, different cultural lessons and even math. Songs can also be used as audible cues for things like transitions and cleaning up.

This one can get a little messy, but water is a great tool to use for interactive learning. It can be especially useful when introducing young learners to ideas like sinking and floating, more and less and hot and cold.

Another great tool is food. You don't need to go out and buy new food, but if you have things at home that are near or past their expiration date, use them as learning tools. Stale cereal is a great tool for counting. You can also use old pasta for sensory bins or for art. 

If you use services like Amazon, chances are you probably have extra boxes. Boxes can be used for art and all sorts of DIY learning activities. Use them for interactive reading, math and color activities; create a toddler busy board or make a stage for a sock puppet show. The possibilities are endless. 

Have fun learning!

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