Garrett Morgan: A History Lesson for Tiny Scholars

Garrett A. Morgan is an African American inventor that our kids absolutely need to learn about.

Here’s how to do it in an interactive way:

First, play a game of “Red Light-Green Light.” This classic game will get your little one moving and engaged. Kids love this game! Since Garrett Morgan invented the traffic light, this is a great way to introduce the topic to your little one. If you’re not familiar with how to play Red Light-Green Light click HERE.

Next, watch a short video about Mr. Morgan. You can find them all over YouTube, just Google: Garrett Morgan for kids. This is one of my favorite videos.

After the video, ask you little one a few questions to get their brains going.

Finally, do a small craft project. Have your kid make a stop light by cutting out tiny pieces of red, yellow and green paper and then pasting it onto a sheet of construction paper.

Let me know if your kids enjoy it.

Happy Black History Month!


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