3 Way to Have Fun with Number Flash Cards

3 Ways to Have Fun with Number Flash Cards
Let’s face it! Flashcards can be boring! Here are 3 activities that make them fun:


Number Recognition Game

If your tiny scholar knows how to count, but cannot recognize numbers, this is a great game for them. You want to start by randomly spreading your flashcards all over the floor. (If you have hardwood floors, I recommend placing a small piece of tape on the card to prevent them from moving during the game.) Next, you’re going to begin by shouting out random numbers one at a time. Here’s the fun part: As you call out the numbers, your tiny scholar is going to jump and try to land on the number they hear. It’s OK to point out the numbers at first to get them invested in the game. They’ll begin to recognize the numbers over time. To ramp up the fun, have them try jumping with one foot.

Number Counting Game

Once your little one begins to recognize numbers they can start to actually count things; this activity allows kids to practice that. In addition to your number flash cards, you’re going to need multiple items for your kid to count. You can use anything you have at home: blocks, cheerios, teddy bears, crayons...the list goes on. For this activity, you're going to line up 4-5 flashcards. The goal here is to have your child count the number of items that correspond with the card. For example, for the number 5 card they should be able to count and place 5 items above that card. To make this game fun, use items you know are of high interest to your child. I find snacks work well - kids get to learn and eat at the same time! 

Number Counting Game


"I Declare War" Game

This game is for older children. It’s great to reinforce the skill of understanding greater and lesser. You’ll need two sets of cards for this game. If you’re familiar with playing “I Declare War” with regular playing cards, the same rules mostly apply. Shuffle both sets of cards together and divide them evenly among the players. Once they’re divided, each player must simultaneously lay down their top card. The player that lays down the card with the larger numerical value gets to keep that set of cards. Repeat until one person has all the cards - that person is the winner. If players place the same numbered card out, they repeat until a player lays down a larger card. 1st graders love this game! 

There are all sorts of modifications you can make to these activities. Get creative and have fun!

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